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Important: If your child’s league age is between 7 and 12, please plan to attend tryouts in March so that our coaches can determine whether AA Minors, AAA Minors, or Majors is best suited for his/her age and skills.


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    I/We, the parents/guardians of the above-named candidate for a position on a Little League team, hereby give my/our approval to participate in any and all Little League activities, including transportation to and from the activities.

    I/We know that participation in baseball or softball may result in serious injuries and protective equipment does not prevent all injuries to players, and do hereby waive, release, absolve, indemnify, and agree to hold harmless the local Little League, Little League Baseball, Incorporated, the organizers, sponsors, supervisors, participants, and persons transporting my/our child to and from activities from any claim arising out of any injury to my/our child whether the result of negligence or for any other cause.

    If applicable, I/We agree to return upon request the uniform and other equipment issued to my/our child in as good conditions as when received except for normal wear and tear.

    I/We agree to provide proof of legal residence or school enrollment (as defined by Little League Baseball, Incorporated at and age. I/We understand that our child (candidate) must be eligible under the residence/school attendance and age regulations of Little League Baseball, Incorporated, to participate in this Local League, and that if any controversy arises regarding residence/school attendance and/or age, the decision of the Little League International Charter Committee in Williamsport, Pennsylvania shall be final and binding. I/We further understand that if any participant on a Little League team does not qualify for participation in the league based on residence (as defined by Little League Baseball, Incorporated) and/or age, such participant and/or team on which he/she participates be found ineligible, and forfeit(s) and/or suspension of Tournament privileges may be decreed by action of the Little League International Charter Committee or Little League International Tournament Committee.

    I/We agree that our child (candidate) may be required to try out for a team. If such does not attend at least 50 percent of the tryouts, local Board-of -Directors' approval is required for such candidate to be placed on a team.

    If applicable, I/We understand that our child (candidate) may be chosen at any time to play on a Major Division team, if he or she is of the correct age for such division as determined by the local league and Little League Baseball. Declining to move up to such Major Division team will result in forfeiture of eligibility for the Major Division for the current season, and may be subject to further restrictions by the local league.

    I/We will furnish a certified birth certificate of the above-named candidate to League Officials.

    I/We understand that my information as the parent or guardian of such above-named candidate is sent by the local league to Little League International each year. Such use of information by Little League International can be found here: You may opt-out of communications from Little League International at any time.

    I/We agree to receive occasional communications from Martha's Vineyard Little League (MVLL), or its coaches, containing updates and/or announcements pertaining to Little League events and schedules. You may opt-out of communications from MVLL at any time.

2018 Minor League Facts

To determine the league(s) for which your child is eligible, please click here—2018 Little League Age Chart—to find out your child’s league age.

Minor League is for players who are ready for a hard ball and live pitching.

Minor League is for players 7 to 12 years old. Players league age 5 to 6 who have completed one year of Tee Ball may be ready to play AA Minors. 

Minor League is an instructional atmosphere, helping players to improve their skills and preparing them for more competitive baseball in Major League.

Minor League is divided into two divisions, AA and AAA:

In AA, coaches pitch to players. This division is typically for younger players who are beyond Tee-Ball age but still in the early stages of developing their baseball skills

AAA players are more advanced, and players do the pitching in this division rather than coaches.

The AAA will end the season with playoffs that include every team, ending with a championship game and awards.

Minor League players commit to attending two practices and two games for each week of the season.



We would like to thank our sponsors, whose generous contributions help MV Little League provide our players with the necessary equipment and playing environments essential for a positive baseball and life experience.


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