Addendum to AAA Minors Playing Rules

  1. Offensive players as well as defensive players not playing a position must sit on the bench at all times. Coaches & parents are responsible. Coaches should stand beyond the far end of the fence (furthest from home plate) as to not distract the players and please refrain from coaching during a pitch.
  2. For safety reasons, there will be NO “On-Deck” batter.
  3. An inning is over after 3 outs or after 4 runs have scored. Except the 6th inning, which will be after 3 outs.
  4. Game will end after 3 ½ innings IF one team is up by 10 or more runs, AS LONG AS the home team has had last at bat.
  5. If an Umpire is unavailable it will be up to the managers to find someone to do it. It can be a parent, spectator, or coach, that both managers agree on.
  6. Any Parent, Coach, or Spectator, who is not respecting the umpire, by questioning calls, needs to be dealt with immediately.
  7. Players will be permitted to coach bases along with the Adult / coach for the purpose of learning the skill. They obviously will not be included in the umpiring aspect, but will need to wear a helmet.
  8. Team scorekeepers must verify pitch count and score with each other each half inning.
  9. There will be no balks. All other pitching rules apply
  10. There will be no protested games. Protests must be resolved before the next play.
  11. The batting order will be one continuous list of all players present, each batting in turn, even if they are not playing defensively.
    1. Exception: If a player shows up after the game is in progress, the player will assume the last position in the batting order.
  12. Each player must sit one inning before any player sits a second inning
  13. The coaches will be allowed free substitution. A pitcher once removed as a pitcher may not pitch again in that game. Pitcher can’t move to catcher if he/she throws 40 or more pitches in that game. Catcher may not move to pitcher after having caught 4 innings.
  14. Base Stealing is allowed.
    1. Exception: Runners may advance only 1 base per pitch not put in play by the batter. This includes passed balls and wild pitches. Regardless of what happens during a potential throw down, a runner who has already advanced a base cannot take additional bases on that play.
    2. Exception: Stealing of home plate may happen only once per inning.
    3. Any player attempted to be picked off may advance.
  15. Home team supplies two new balls per game
  16. Neither parents nor coaches will stand behind the backstop, as this is quite distracting to a young pitcher.
  17. Hit Batter Rule: If a pitcher hits more than 2 batters in an inning or 4 batters in a game, he or she will be removed from the mound for that game.
  18. A live ball remains to until the pitcher has the ball securely at the mound.
  19. For the protection of our players, through May 15 no inning can be started after 7pm. After May 15, no inning can be started after 7:30pm. As the season progresses (June 1) and the weather dictates these times may be extended at the umpire’s discretion.


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